Kiln for Hire

Full kiln size – 810mm H x 550mm x 550mm

Bring your own works, pack and empty. (Fully supervised)

Bisque Fire $85
Glaze Fire $110
Single fire – green ware to glaze $120
Urgent or Out of day time firing $150

Part Kiln Firing Services

Depending on how many works are fired your percentage of space will be charged.

Cash only – to be paid before firing. Kiln is located in Stratford Cairns.

Contact Gabrielle to book.
0418 708 068



  • I will take great care and no responsibility for loss or damage and I reserve the right to refuse any items which I feel may cause problems.
  • No Firing will take place until the kiln is full.
  • You must supply details of the clay and / or glazes used or your work cannot be fired.
  • The base and 5mm from the base must be free from glaze.
  • Please photograph your pots before firing so I can recognise who’s work is who’s.
  • All work must be picked up within one week unless previously arranged.

Please note: You will be responsible for any damage your work causes to my kiln and / or shelves. You will be liable for any replacement costs and cleaning up of shelves. 

Cairns kiln hire