Golden Raine Tree


21 cm x 34 cm


Freight included Australia wide

Handmade Natural Watercolour & Japanese Ink 210 Archival watercolour paper


The rainforest is full of plants all trying to reach the sunny forest canopy; some will even kill the host tree. Survival of the fittest can be deadly & beautiful. This painting is a watercolour on 210 Archival watercolour paper. The paints are natural handmade watercolours from pigments and plants. I have also used Japanese inks brought back by a friend who was travelling in Japan earlier this year before COVID.

During the COVID lockdown, I spent every day walking through the Mowbray Valley, where I live with my painting gear. The Valley is full of Rain Trees, planted 100 years ago by the farmers for shade and described as weeds. These trees are ancient in our valley and part of the landscape as well as habitats for nature. This one draped in weeds to the ground. I love these trees and have taken liberty in my interpretation.

Fine art prints are available on request; this print looks great on archival smooth cotton rag paper with a spray varnish; then there is no need for glass.